Being a regional container shipping company, Samudera Shipping Line Ltd provides the following services:

To carry Shipper Owned Container (SOC) between “hub” ports and the outlying “spoke” ports. Samudera provides the feeder services to Main Line Operators.


By using Carrier Owned Container (COC), the liner services carry cargoes between “spoke” ports within its market coverage. Samudera provides the liner services to traders and freight forwarders.

In order for Samudera to provide a more effective and efficient services to our customers, Samudera has segmented its service network into five regional areas consisting of:

Service network covering Indonesia ports. The ports are Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Palembang, Belawan.
Service network covering Singapore as “hub” port, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines.
ISC Service network covering India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Far East Service network covering Hong Kong and China